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Friday, December 22, 2017


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Monday, November 6, 2017

So Much Sex in Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

The first full trailer for Fifty Shades Freed dropped Monday, the final installment in the wildly popular erotic romance trilogy. Where the teaser whipped fans into excitement over Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steel's (Dakota Johnson) long-awaited wedding ceremony and vow exchange, this longer glimpse features plenty more danger, action and you guessed it, sex! 

Fifty Shades Freed, Fifty Shades Freed so much sex, much sex

A teaser released last week saw Christian and Ana all smiles on a jet ski interspersed with scenes of her in the middle of a car chase and getting intimate with the BDSM-loving Mr. Grey. 

As to be expected from this dramatic book-to-movie franchise, the honeymoon season doesn't last for long. Picking up where Fifty Shades Darker left off, Freed will explore what unfolds when Anastasia's life is threatened by her former and extremely scorned boss. 

This isn't all surprising, though. Those that caught the first teaser will remember Ana being held up at knife-point by an unknown man and Christian pointing a gun at one of his former lovers. Intense is an understatement! 

And for fans who can't wait three months to see Fifty Shades Freed on the big screen, there's some Christian Grey-inspired reading material right around the corner. Titled Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian, author E. L. James' sequel from the male lead's perspective is out November 28.

At the 2017 Oscars, Dakota touched on how much her life has changed since landing the breakout role. "It has been a very educational experience, both professionally and personally," the actress shared. "I've gotten to deal with certain things in a more grown up way. I have a better outlook on certain parts."

Aside from Dornan and Johnson, Fifty Shades Freed stars Kim Basinger, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes and more. James Foley returns as the director. The franchise's sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, opened in February 2017 and earned a whopping $381 million at the box office. 

Are you ready for Mr. and Mrs. Grey to see you now? Sound off in the comments!

Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters right in time for Valentine's Day on Feb. 9, 2018. 
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Maisie Williams has Ready to End for 'Game of Thrones'

it is Not nearly as true for the rest of us.

Maisie Williams, game of thrones, Maisie Williams game of thrones

Sounds like Maisie Williams is ready to lay Arya Stark to take rest. 

In a recent interview with BBC Newsbeat, the young actress confessed she's looking forward to her post-Game of Thrones life.

"There's going to be time for me to do whatever I want," said the 20-year-old. 
Maisie Williams, game of thrones, Maisie Williams game of thrones

For the past six years, the world has come to know Williams as the slicing and dicing Arya Stark — the actress' very first professional role.

"It will be nice to pick roles that I want to do," Williams said. "I can show the world what sort of actress I want to be and shape my career a little bit."

Williams and the rest of the Game of Thrones cast are currently filming the last season of the HBO juggernaut. As for life after the show? Williams plans to do more independent films. "It's the only place I've ever really wanted to be to be honest."

Maisie recently had the honor of announcing the nominees of the British Independent Film Awards. The event reignited William's passion for independent films, which is where she sees herself afterThrones (and presumably after The New Mutants). 

"Coming back here and listening to all the films nominated and getting back into watching independent films just makes me realise how much I miss [independent films]," she told BBC.

Seems like independent films are as far from HBO as the actress can get — and maybe that's the point.
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Happy Ending Bali Massage

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Full service massages aren’t new – their history in Asia dates means back. At only once, they were used on each sexes by psychiatrists and physicians as a sort of treatment. For males, it had been accustomed unleash tension and for females, it had been accustomed induce labour and a lot of. In fact, it had been the complete service massage that crystal rectifier to the creation of the vibrator.

Western culture may see the complete service massage as unsavory, however not Asian society wherever it's understood to possess social group and health advantages. It may be debated on whether or not this can be a sexual encounter or a relaxation technique. you may attempt it and choose for yourself!

massage hot in bali, massgae in bali, sexy massage
Finding a cheerful Ending Massage in island
If you wish to search out a cheerful ending massage in island, the most effective aras to seem are Sanur, Kuta, Renon and Denpasar within the town. There are accepted places in Legain and Seminyak which will be happy to accommodate. 

The taxi drivers in Legian and in Kuta apprehend wherever all the happy ending massages ar to be found. a technique is to pay them slightly further and they’ll even expect you to possess your massage, though the a lot of savvy can get the taxi driver to drop them off from the premises as very often the taxi driver can ‘claim’ a commission from the massage institution, that is then accessorial to your bill.

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The typical happy ending massage caters to ‘servicing’ men, though if you look onerous you'll be able to notice feminine masseurs operating in high-end spas which will accommodate girls, however you would like to seem and raise. There conjointly|also are|are} male masseurs operating in a number of the traditional massage places which will offer girls some fill up also.

Some standard happy ending massage places are; Kuta Bugar (in Kuta) & Star Bugar (in Seminyak), The princess Spa’s (in Denpasar and Sanur), Melati Spa (Jalan Dewi Sri close to island Galleria) and therefore the Bidadari Biru massage centres, that ar in varied locations around Denpasar.

Gay Happy Ending Massages in island
Good news for gay men as there ar full service massage parlours in island that service solely gay men. simply anticipate the massage parlours that ar staffed by males. You’ll notice most of the happy ending massage parlours in Seminyak; like Banana Spa island in Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak and Adam’s Apple in Batu Belig.

How to elicit a cheerful Ending Massage
You might feel alittle odd posing for what it's you wish, however the masseurs ar trained in understanding refined language. therefore if what you wish may be a happy ending massage will|you'll|you'll be able to} elicit that otherwise you can inquire a couple of full service massage. the bulk of masseuses can perceive your reference. If you aren’t keep then you'll be able to simply utterly take off. this may facilitate send the message that you simply desire a happy ending massage. continuously talk over the worth beforehand.
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