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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Embarrassing Incident Pascal Craymer in Public

Pascal tried to save herself from the incident from the wind

British reality show star, Pascal Craymer look beautiful and sexy in an event. Unfortunately, the weather was unfriendly. Strong winds and blowing her dress, so the artist must bear the shame in public.

Green dress with low cleavage and long legs hemisphere makes Pascal must embarrassment, when the wind makes the dress 'fly'.
As quoted from Lollipop, barely exposed private body parts.

Pascal tried to save himself from the embarrassing incident. Quickly, his hand on the bottom of the dress. But, what wind power faster. He could only surrender.

To cover her embarrassment, Pascal smiled. This embarrassing moment can not be separated from the camera paparazzi. As a result, photographs of Pascal with wind blown dress widely circulated in cyberspace.

This is the detail of the pict :
While trying to contain her breasts, Pascal's bum was left on show


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