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Friday, May 6, 2016

Nearly 50 years of age, Janet Jackson Got She's First Pregnant?

The news comes as she postpone a concert tour

Younger sister of the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, reportedly was carrying she's first child. Just a few days before Mother's Day the World on May 13, a source confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight.

Previous to this news had emerged, because the singer who on May 16 will be half a century old postpone a concert tour. In the last month, Janet stated postpone the tour to start a family with husband, Wissam Al Mana.

"We're in the second leg of the tour and changes suddenly. I need to tell you, my husband and I plan to have children, so I need to postpone the tour," she said in a video uploaded to her account on Twitter on 6 April 2016 then.

Therefore, she was obliged to rest by her doctor. However, she confirmed, will continue the concert tour as soon as possible.

Janet married to men younger than 9 years without public knowledge in 2012 ago and have confirmed the truth of the year after their wedding. Janet and Qatari wedding was the third time for her wedding.

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