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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Struggle Not Normal Andy Lau and wife for second child

Andy Lau focus for two years to undergo treatment.


Andy Lau and his wife, Carol Chu reportedly soon be blessed with a second child. Carol was four months pregnant and the baby is expected in the fetus gender male. Not easy for Andy and Carol to get a second child.

The pair need to struggle hard and long to have an additional child. They have been looking for various methods of treatment and to have a second child.

Not only visiting expert gynecologist Dr. William, both also reportedly underwent artificial insemination (IVF). The pair also asked for help from practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is known, Chen Tai, who also visited by many famous celebrities.

Andy and Carol also unusual treatment, namely heat therapy traditional Chinese, or moxibustion. Both, in fact already undergone this method before the birth of their daughter, Hanna.

Singer 54 years using this therapy for treating hip. Meanwhile, the wife used to help regulate his body and improve his chances of getting pregnant.

As quoted from Lollipop, the pair struggle has not stopped. Carol age of 50 years already, create a high-risk pregnancy.

To protect pregnancy, Carol also undergo western medicine and eastern. To maintain health, Carol always wear masks in various activities. He also always accompanied by personal bodyguards and assistants to keep watch.

In fact, after the last film project, Andy rumored to be a temporary leave and focus on taking care of his wife, who was pregnant

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